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In this episode, Jessica tells us about her five favorite items that you can find in your pantry. (Including some bonuses!)


Oat Products

She really likes steel cut oats because they take longer to digest. She does also use the instant oats as well. Oats also help your “gut health.”

Jessica also likes muesli and granola. In fact she has her own recipe: My Favorite Homemade Granola.

When she can’t make it, she really likes the Boulder Organic Granola which she pairs with Strauss Family Organic Yogurt or Organic Valley Grassmilk, or Westsoy Organic Unsweetened Soy Milk. 

Oats are good for blood sugar when you add protein and fat. 



It’s one of Jessica’s main protein choices. It helps you to eat more vegetarian-based meals. 

You can add them to soups, quesadillas, salads, dips, etc. 

Beans are really high in antioxidants, have a lot of fiber, protein, and are a great source of iron. 

Sue uses both canned and dry beans.  

Try substituting meat with beans.  

Favorite canned beans are the S&W Organic beans. 


Olive Oil

It’s a good main fat to use for cooking, dipping and making salad dressings. 

It has a lot of antioxidants. 

Favorite Olive Oil is the Napa Valley Naturals Organic Olive Oil. It’s good quality and flavor at a good price. 


Nuts and Seeds

These are great for snacking and can be added to granola. 

They have healthy fat and protein to help. 

Try adding chia seeds to oatmeal and granola. 

Healthy fats can help you control weight. Go for the raw, plain, unsalted nuts. 

Jessica recommends Blue Diamond 100 calorie packs. They’re portable and help with portion control. 


Dark Chocolate

Cocoa should be the main ingredient in the chocolate you get. 

 It’s been shown to help prevent the oxidation of bad cholesterol and raise good cholesterol. 

It can also help to bring your risk for strokes down. 

Jessica recommends Green & Black Organic 85% Dark Chocolate. 

If you’re eating milk chocolate, make gradual adjustments over a week or so going up to the more intense chocolates. 

A little goes a long way. 



Do you have a list of your favorite foods that listeners can reference when they shop?

Jessica’s Healthy Shopping List


Are there any other items in your pantry that you’d like to mention as well? (Honorable mentions.)

Salt - Le Saunier De Camargue Fleur De Sel Sea Salt

Bread - Look for a flourless sprouted whole grain bread like Food For Life Ezekiel Breads. 

Canned seafood - Wild Planet Tuna and Salmon

Broths that are low in sodium like Pacific Natural Foods Organic broths and Imagine Broths. 

Green Tea like Mighty Leaf Organic Jasmine Green Tea. 



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Gelson's Registered Dietitian, Jessica Siegel, has a Masters in Public Health. However, she is not a doctor and her nutritional recommendations are not tailored to specific health problems. Always consult your physician before beginning any nutritional program. 



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