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A Message from Gelson’s President & CEO


To Our Valued Customers, 

In this pivotal moment, I want to affirm that there is no place for racism or discrimination of any kind at Gelson’s. We stand with you in support of change and are committed to be a partner in those change efforts. To that end, we have already taken several steps.

I have acknowledged the need for our leaders to listen more actively to the concerns of our associates, and we are working hard to communicate better. To further improve our ability to attract, retain and promote a more diverse team, we are enhancing our anti-bias training for all current employees, and developing a Diversity Committee which will be tasked with creating measurable goals in that effort and finding ways to achieve them. We also want to encourage and support outstanding organizations in these causes outside of Gelson’s, and have made a donation to the Maya Angelou Foundation, which provides education and health care opportunities to underserved communities. 

We recognize that success in this journey will demand more, but these will only be our first steps in a longer and sustained commitment. 

We are part of the communities that we serve, and we welcome your feedback as we head down this critical path.

Warm Regards,

Rob McDougall
President and CEO
Grateful to Serve our Communities

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