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5 Fancy {& Super Easy} Shrimp Dishes


Fancy and shrimp are almost synonymous: It’s true that fancy doesn’t always mean shrimp, but shrimp somehow seems very special and extravagant every time we eat it. It looks wonderful, of course — the pink curls, the delicate tails — and it tastes amazing, but it’s also the fact that we just don’t eat it as often as we’d like, and so it never gets humdrum.

In this collection, we’ve got a little something for all your fancy occasions. If you’re having the crew over for cocktails on the deck, go with the grilled shrimp and sweet, tangy romesco. Lunch with flowers on the table? The Sriracha lime shrimp is as pretty as it is scrumptious. And for Sunday suppers, we love the jambalaya — or, if you’re short on time, the scampi.

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