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Valentine's Day Recipes

When you think of food for Valentine’s Day, your mind undoubtedly goes to the classic, heart-shaped box of chocolates. But while the gift of candy is a traditional gesture that’s long been one of the sweetest parts of the holiday, even the most decadent chocolates don’t make a meal.

With these Valentine’s Day-themed recipes, you can plan a full day’s worth of fun and fabulous meals for your favorite valentine. Whether you’re celebrating with a romantic dinner for two or Valentine’s Day brunch with the kids, we have you covered with a variety of ideas for making this day of love extra delicious. 

Valentine’s Day Recipes for a Romantic Meal for Two

A thoughtfully-planned meal with your special someone is a beloved Valentine’s Day tradition, but it doesn’t have to mean spending hours waiting for a table in a crowded restaurant. In fact, a growing number of couples are opting to stay in for Valentine’s Day instead, enjoying a quiet, intimate dinner in the comfort of their own homes.

We’ve put together an array of ideas for Valentine’s Day dinner that will bring on all the warm and fuzzy feelings, all while satisfying your appetites.If you’re ready to wow your loved one, shop at a Gelson’s near you.

Perfect Flank Steak

Nothing says Valentine’s Day like a flawlessly-prepared steak, and this recipe takes the mystery out of the cooking process. A simple marinade transforms an affordable cut of steak into something worthy of a five-star steakhouse, and the recipe gives you the flexibility to grill or broil the meat to perfection.

Lobster Mac & Cheese

You’d be hard-pressed to find anybody that doesn’t love mac and cheese, but Valentine’s Day calls for a little extra effort - and this recipe for lobster mac and cheese definitely measures up. Lobster, three types of cheese, and Panko breadcrumbs elevate the classic, kid-friendly pasta to something far more gourmet.

French Toast

Is your date a breakfast lover? This French toast recipe is just as wonderful for Valentine’s Day breakfast as it is for an evening treat, using sliced challah bread for a delightfully soft, fluffy texture. Make sure to give each slice of bread enough soaking time so that it absorbs enough of the egg mixture. 

Homemade Pizza

There’s no doubt that Italy is one of the world’s most romantic countries, and yet, pizza isn’t often considered for Valentine’s Day dinner. But we believe that with a great recipe and some upscale ingredients, you can prepare a pizza that will wow your date. With this recipe for homemade pizza in hand, you have all the tips and tricks you need for a perfect pie for your valentine.

Cacio e Pepe

Translating to “cheese and pepper,” this classic Italian pasta recipe is deceptively simple - but impressively delicious. The pairing of coarsely-ground black pepper and Italian cheeses creates a dimensional flavor profile that can easily compete with a dish you’d order at a fancy restaurant. Still, you don’t have to be a professional chef to make it.

California Sushi Roll

If you want to make dinner preparations a part of the date, this California sushi roll recipe offers a fun way to spend some time together in the kitchen. Together, you and your valentine can assemble a series of fresh sushi rolls, then sit down and enjoy the product of your efforts to round out the evening.

Heart-Shaped Cake

Of course, you can’t forget Valentine’s Day dessert! Bake a cake that shows your love with this recipe for a rich and delicious chocolate cake, assembled in the shape of a heart and complete with Valentine’s Day-themed sprinkles. You’ll be surprised to see just how easy it is to turn a classic cake into something extra-special in a few simple steps, resulting in a wonderful way to end a romantic evening on a sweet note.

Red Velvet Skillet Cookie

What could be more romantic than a fresh-baked red velvet skillet cookie for two? Swap out the usual chocolate chip cookie for this fun red velvet variety, then top the warm cookie with your date’s favorite ice cream and a drizzle of fudge - and with that, you’ll have an unbeatable dessert for Valentine’s Day.

Other Valentine’s Day Recipes

While it’s true that Valentine’s Day is traditionally associated with romantic love, more and more people are thinking outside of the box and putting their own spin on this special day. From hosting “Gal-entine” get-togethers to planning a family celebration for Valentine’s Day, there are plenty of creative ways to make the day yours.

If you’re looking for unique Valentine’s Day recipes for kids, friends, and family that you love, here are a few of our favorite ideas.

Valentine’s Day Saltine Toffee

Whip up a batch of this salty-sweet treat using ingredients you probably already have on hand: saltine crackers, caramel, and melted chocolate. The recipe is simple and straightforward, but the final product tastes like something from a gourmet chocolate shop. Some pink food coloring and Valentine’s Day sprinkles turn this decadent dessert into a fun, love-themed food that everyone will adore.

Heart-Shaped Puff Pastries

Searching for something to serve for Valentine’s Day breakfast or brunch? These adorable puff pastries are filled with your favorite fruit jam and drizzled with vanilla glaze, and are incredibly easy to create - making it a great Valentine’s Day recipe for kids. With some frozen puff pastries and a quick prep process, you can add a little extra love to the breakfast table or a Galentine’s Day brunch.

Valentine’s Day Crispy Cereal Treats

Pink and red candy-covered chocolates put a festive and fun spin on this classic, kid-friendly dessert, making for an anytime treat that is sure to inspire love at first sight. This recipe comes with tips to make these treats delightfully soft and chewy, so it’s impossible to go wrong with this fast and simple dish.

Waffle Iron Brownies

Valentine’s Day is one of the few days of the year when dessert is acceptable at every meal, so why not make the most of it? This creative recipe uses a waffle iron and boxed brownie mix to create a dish that’s one-part breakfast, one-part dessert. Top it with your choice of fresh-sliced strawberries, whipped cream, maraschino cherries, or even ice cream, and you’ll get lots of love from your valentines. 

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So grab your shopping list and head to your nearest Gelson’s Supermarket now to fill your cart with top-quality groceries for Valentine’s Day and every day of the year.

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