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Delicious Healthy Summer Recipes - Gelson's Market

Delicious Healthy Summer Recipes

Summertime brings warm temperatures, longer days, and plenty of time spent outdoors, making it the perfect season to enjoy fresh, healthy meals. For many families, the summer is filled with special gatherings, celebratory events, and good memories shared around the table. From backyard barbecues and al fresco dining to everyday meals that make it easy to eat well, we’ve put together a round-up of delicious, healthy summer recipes you’re sure to enjoy.

This incredibly simple recipe combines orzo pasta with an array of Mediterranean-inspired ingredients, including cucumbers, feta, and kalamata olives.

Save yourself the hassle of firing up the grill and enjoy barbecue chicken baked in the oven instead. This recipe combines chicken breasts with skinless, trimmed chicken thighs, making it a light meal that’s wonderfully satisfying.

Encourage your kids – and yourself – to eat fresh fruit this summer by serving it alongside a tasty, fruity dip. This recipe mixes fat free yogurt with silken tofu, a secret ingredient that packs a healthy punch.

Perfect as a protein-rich side dish or on its own, this vegetable-rich salad is inspired by the classic Panzanella salads Italy is known for.

Make the most of summertime vegetables with this gourmet-inspired frittata. The combination of flavors is so delicious, you won’t even miss the usual carb-heavy breakfast options.

The unparalleled flavor of perfectly cooked mahi mahi is perfectly complemented by the sweetness of summer strawberries and the creamy texture of fresh avocado.

Put a twist on Taco Tuesday with these vegetarian-friendly tacos, which swap the traditional taco meat for sautéed kale, sweet potato, mushrooms, and beans. 

Searching for more healthy recipes to enjoy this summer? Check out the Gelson’s recipes collection to find your newest favorites dishes and inspiration for your next summer event. 

Tips for Eating Healthy this Summer

Most people would agree that summer isn’t the time to feel weighed down by heavy foods – which is why so many summertime recipes keep things flavorful but light.

Here are a few easy tips for eating healthy this summer:

  • Shop for in-season produce, buying organic whenever possible. Not only do in-season fruits and vegetables often taste better than those out of season, but they are also often more affordable. During the summer, look for in-season produce such as avocados, cherries, watermelon, hot peppers, corn, and green beans.

  • Balance your protein portions with a mix of red and white meats. Burgers are one of summer’s most iconic foods, and you shouldn’t have to feel like you have to give up your favorite meals for the sake of healthy eating. Instead, balance out your beloved cheeseburger with grilled fish the next day, or consider swapping ground beef for ground turkey.

  • Make use of a wide variety of spices and seasonings. If eating healthy is a struggle, you might want to try jazzing up your meats and vegetables with generous seasonings for added flavor. Don’t limit yourself to salt; experiment with new seasoning blends until you find a mix that you really love.

Get Your Summer Cooking Necessities at Gelson’s

Whether your next summer recipe calls for farm-fresh produce, premium-quality meats and seafood, or any other combination of delicious ingredients, you can find everything you need at Gelson’s. Stop by your neighborhood Gelson’s to shop for all the ingredients for your delicious summer meal ideas, and let us help you make this your most delicious summer yet.

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