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4. Our Newsletter $599Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice Cocktail Cranberry Juice Cocktail $2.99+crvSelected varieties. 64 oz September 2122627, 2016Jackie222s Cookie Babies pack a lot of taste in every little bite. Even though they222re babies, they have a storied history. Jackie222s has been family owned and operated since 1979. Cookie Babies are handmade in the company222s Los Angeles bakery. Jackie222s Cookie Babies Just right bites Selected varieties. 7 ozSeventh Generation 100% Recycled Paper Towels2/$4.001 roll Blue Diamond Artisan Nut Thins2/$5.00Selected varieties. 4.25 oz Jolly Time Popcorn2/$6.00Selected varieties. 4 ct MorningStar Farms Meat Substitute Meat Substitute $3.99Selected varieties. 5.25-10.5 oz Gelson222s Coffee Single Cups Single Cups $6.99Selected varieties. 12 ctThree Trees Almond Milk Almond Milk $5.99+crvSelected varieties. 34 oz Uncle Ben222s Ready Rice2/$4.00Selected varieties.8.5-8.8 oz Clif Luna Bar5/$5.00Selected varieties. 1.59-1.69 oz Wolfgang Puck Organic Soup2/$5.00Selected varieties. 14.5 oz American Licorice3/$5.00Selected varieties. 5-8 oz Quilted Northern Bath Tissue$4.99Selected varieties. 6 roll We welcome American Express, Discover, Gelson222s Charge, Mastercard, Visa and selected ATM cards. We gladly accept manufacturers222 coupons. All items not available at all locations. Some items may be taxable.September 2122627, 2016Sign up for our e-newsletter at GELSONS.COM Follow Us! @gelsonsmarkets Gelson222s Natural Spring Water 5/$4.00+crv1 ltr Brawny Paper Towels$3.99White Pick-A-Size. 2 pk Pirate Brands Snacks2/$5.00Selected varieties. 4-6 oz Arrowhead Spring Water5/$5.00+crv3 ltr Lucini Extra Virgin Olive Oil$14.99500 ml Mestemacher Breads2/$5.00Selected varieties. 8.8-17.6 oz Sparkling Ice Beverage5/$5.00+crvSelected varieties. 17 oz Outshine Fruit Bars$3.99Selected varieties. 4-6 pk Crystal Geyser Sparkling Spring Water$1.99+crvSelected varieties. 4 pk/18 ozBar Harbor Soup$3.49Selected varieties. 10.5-15 oz Near East Pilaf or Couscous2/$4.00Selected varieties. 5.4-10 ozLavazza Coffee$7.99Selected bagged varieties. 12 oz Glad Zipper Sandwich Bags2/$4.0050 ct Seventh Generation Dish Liquid$2.99Selected varieties. 22-25 oz Gelson222s Finest Granola$4.99Selected varieties. 12 oz Earthworm Family-Safe Drain Cleaner$3.9932 oz Glac351au vitamin water5/$5.00+crvSelected varieties. 20 oz Glac351au smart water5/$5.00+crvSport Top. 700 ml Coke Classic, Diet Coke, Sprite$3.99+crvSelected varieties. 8 pk/7.5 oz Coke Classic, Diet Coke, Coke Zero$3.49+crvSelected varieties. 8 pk/12 oz Kellogg222s All Bran Cereal$3.7918.3 oz Martinelli222s Apple Juice$7.99128 oz Simply Potatoes$3.29Selected varieties. 24 oz Cholula Hot Sauce$2.99Selected varieties. 5 oz Rubbermaid Food Storage ContainersSave up to 25% Off Regular Retail PriceSelected varieties. Promax Energy Bar4/$5.00Selected varieties. 2.64 oz

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Gelson's Sr. Director of Produce presents Cotton Candy Grapes, Sugar Kiss Melons & more!

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