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4. Our Newsletter Vanity Fair Plates or Bowls2/$6.00Selected varieties. 14-20 ct Nabisco Wheat Thins or Triscuit$2.99Selected varieties. 8.5-9.1 ozGhirardelli Brownie or Cookie Mix Brownie or Cookie Mix $2.99Selected varieties. 16.75-18.75 oz October 26226November 1, 2016Quench your thirst and feel good about what you222re drinking. LaCroix sparkling water is 100% natural 226 nothing arti037 cial 226 and has no calories, sweetener, sodium, caffeine, or gluten. Plus, LaCroix222s portable, trendy packaging is 100% recyclable. LaCroix is one terri037 c water you222re bound to enjoy!LaCroix Sparkling WaterEnjoy LaCroix Oroweat Hamburger Buns$3.99Selected varieties.21 ozCorona Beer$14.99+crvSelected varieties. 12 pk/12 oz Columbus Salami$7.99Selected varieties. 8-12 oz Newman222s Own Salsa2/$5.00Selected varieties. 16 oz Chicas Corn Tortilla Chips Corn Tortilla Chips 2/$6.009.5 oz Hawaiian or Tim222s Potato Chips Potato Chips 2/$5.00Selected varieties. 8 ozMartinelli222s Apple Cider Apple Cider $3.99Selected varieties. 50.7 ozSelected varieties. 12 pk/12 oz$399+crv EZ Foil Bake Pans with Lids $3.99Selected varieties. 2-3 ct Bigelow Tea$2.99Selected varieties. 20 ct Vanity Fair Napkins2/$5.00Selected varieties. 40-100 ct We welcome American Express, Discover, Gelson222s Charge, Mastercard, Visa and selected ATM cards. We gladly accept manufacturers222 coupons. All items not available at all locations. Some items may be taxable.October 26226November 1, 2016Sign up for our e-newsletter at GELSONS.COM Follow Us! @gelsonsmarkets Whiskas Temptations Cat Food3/$5.00Selected varieties. 2.1-3 oz Fancy Feast Cat Food10/$7.00Selected varieties. 3 oz Mission Tortilla Chips2/$5.00Selected varieties. 13 oz Chinet Comfort Cups$6.4920 ct Skinny Pop 100 Calorie Popcorn$3.99Selected multi-pack varieties. 3.9-5.2 oz Laughing Cow Cheese Wedges$3.29Selected varieties. 6 oz Nestl351 Hot Cocoa2/$2.00Milk chocolate or with marshmallows. 4.27 oz Cheetos2/$5.00Selected varieties. 8-8.5 oz Blue Diamond Almonds$8.99Selected varieties. 16 oz Snack Factory Pretzel Crisps2/$5.00Selected varieties. 7.2 oz Stacy222s Pita Chips$2.99Selected varieties. 7.33 oz Duncan Hines Cake Mix or Frosting2/$4.00Selected varieties. 15.25-16 oz Pillsbury Cookies$2.99Selected varieties. 14-16.5 ozPlanters Dry Roasted Peanuts$3.99Selected varieties. 16 oz Honest Tea Beverage3/$5.00+crvSelected varieties. 16.9 oz Cesar Select Dog Food99242Selected varieties. 3.5 oz Carnation Famous Fudge Kit or Libby Pumpkin Bread Kit$5.9931.5 oz Fudge or 56.1 oz Bread Dura037 ame Logs$4.59Selected varieties. 6 lb Glac351au smart water4/$5.00+crvSport Top. 700 ml Coke Classic, Diet Coke, Sprite$3.19+crvSelected varieties. 8 pk/7.5 oz Coke Classic, Diet Coke, Coke Zero$1.09+crvSelected varieties. 1.25 ltr Rosarita Refried Beans2/$3.00Selected varieties. 16 ozMott222s Apple Juice$2.9964 oz Jolly Time Popcorn2/$5.00Selected varieties. 4 ct Kind Bar2/$3.00Selected varieties. 1.2 oz

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8. The Perfect Spooky Cheese Plate for Halloween

A Gelson’s cheese plate is the perfect addition to any gathering. It’s a time-saver for the (g)host and (g)hostess, & guests will be gratified.

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10. Our Favorite Sweet & Savory Coca Cola Brisket Recipe

Gelson's Sr. Director of Meat & Seafood shares his own favorite brisket recipe!

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