Notice of Collection of Personal Information for California Residents

To Applicants for Employment Positions

This Notice of Collection for California Residents explains how Gelson’s Market (“Gelson’s Market” or “we”) collects and uses your personal information when you submit it to us by website, email, paper, or other method to apply for employment with Gelson’s Market. Note that, in most cases, we will supplement the information you provide with other personal information from third parties we select, such as background check providers, from third parties that you instructor authorize to send information to us, and from publicly available information.

If you are a prospective employee, the categories of personal information listed below that we receive will be used to assess your suitability as a Gelson’s Market employee, to evaluate your qualifications for available or anticipated employment positions at Gelson’s Market, and for the purposes of complying with applicable laws. Unless you direct otherwise in writing, we may (but are not obligated to) retain the personal information you provide for up to two years and we may use that information to consider your eligibility for any available or anticipated employment positions at Gelson’s Market during that time.

The categories of personal information we may collect and process (but only to the extent and in a manner that is consistent with applicable law) are as follows:

· Personal identifiers and demographics. Gelson’s Market collects personal identifiers (such as your name, contact information, Social Security number, driver’s license number, and passport number) and personal characteristics (such as your date of birth). Sensitive identifiers such as Social Security, passport, and driver’s license numbers should only be collected when there is a need for those identifiers (for example, to comply with immigration requirements or for the purposes of obtaining background checks).

· Job preference information. Gelson’s Market will receive the information you submit about your job preferences (such as the posting and description of the job to which you apply, your compensation expectations, and your preferred start date).

· Professional, employment, and education information. Gelson’s Market collects professional and employment-related information (such as information in your cover letter and resume/CV and a list of skills) and education information (such as certifications, license, academic transcripts, and confirmations of attendance at an educational institution).

· Health information. Gelson’s Market may receive health-related information from you that is relevant to your application, such as when you provide information about your ability to perform certain job functions, the need for accommodations, or a disability. Gelson's Market may also receive health-related information that you provide to us (such as when you are asked screening questions or have your temperature taken in connection with public health measures).

· Protected class information. Gelson’s Market may receive protected class information or other sensitive information from you as defined by applicable law (such as race, gender, copies of citizenship and right to work information, and veteran status).

· Audio and visual information. Gelson’s Market may record, review, and maintain recordings of online audio and video interviews, communications, and meetings, for the same purposes for which we collect, use, and maintain other comparable business records.

· Comments and appointment-related information. Gelson’s Market receives any comments and messages you submit along with your job application, and we also receive information in connection with arranging and scheduling appointments. This may include information you submit with your resume, or in phone messages, SMS text messages, or emails.

· Background check and public records information. With your permission, Gelson’s Market may receive information contained in background check reports and in public government records (such as work history, credit history, criminal records, and court records).

· Publicly available information. Gelson’s Market may review publicly available social media pages and other public Internet postings, to the extent permissible under applicable law.

· Signature Data. Gelson’s Market collects your signature and related authentication details in connection with any documents you electronically or physically sign and provide to Gelson’s Market. This information may be used to maintain the integrity of our processes, enforce rights, prevent fraud, and validate your identity.

· Inferences. Gelson’s Market may draw and maintain inferences from any of the above in the normal course of reviewing job applications.

In addition, we may automatically collect other categories of personal information when you use a Gelson’s Market website to submit your application to us. We use this information to provide and improve our website and job application processes, for anti-fraud purposes, and to create aggregate internal reports on website usage and activity, such as views of certain job postings. These additional categories may consist of:

· Online identifiers. Gelson’s Market may collect your IP address and other online identifiers when you use Gelson’s Market websites.

· Website activity information. Gelson’s Market may monitor and collect Gelson’s Market website activity information, such as website clicks, content and page views, and the website each visitor visited prior to our website.

Note that application information may be collected by us, including directly through our website or by email, and/or application information may be collected on our behalf by our contracted third-party administrators.

If you have any questions concerning the above, please contact us at