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  • Air Fryer Pickles 

    We don’t know about you, but we’ve been craving snacks and munchables more than ever lately.

  • Stone Fruit Galette

    Our tips: This recipe makes enough for one large or two small galettes.

  • Chili Cheese Fries

    The pandemic has kept us from summer fairs, and truth be told, we’re always on the hunt for easy, comforting meals.

  • Piña Colada

    We like our Piña Coladas super cold, so we frost our fancy hurricane glasses in the freezer.

  • Refried Beans

    Fair warning: This recipe makes a boatload of beans.

  • Pupusas & Curtido

    Pupusas are one of our favorite Salvadoran street foods. 

  • Root Vegetable Hash

    It’s our new favorite family breakfast for reasons of ease and economy. 

  • Strawberry Shortcake Bars

    These bars are even more summery because they’re piled high with perfectly ripe June strawberries! 

  • Falafel

    Our tip: Go ahead and make a double batch and freeze half of them. 

  • Pasta e Ceci

    It’s no secret that orecchiette has mad sauce-scooping skills.

  • Broccoli & Cheddar Frittata

    Although frittatas feel like the stuff of luxurious Sunday brunches out, they’re ridiculously easy to make at home.

  • Rice Pilaf

    A bowl of fluffy rice pilaf is every bit as carby and comforting as chicken noodle soup.

  • Shiitake & Miso Ramen

    The unbelievably silky broth you’ll be creating is sure to be love at first slurp.

  • Spring Vegetable Quiche

    Slice into it and you’ll find tender asparagus, spinach, leeks, and thyme.

  • Focaccia

    If you’ve always wanted to bake bread but haven’t gotten around to it yet, this is the perfect recipe to get you started. 

  • Soufflé Pancakes

    These little pancakes are quite famous in Japan and on the internet.

  •  Celery Root Soup

    For us, the still-cool evenings of spring call for a thick, creamy soup, like this purée of root vegetables.

  • Impossible Nachos

    In the test kitchen, we went for classic flavors with the Impossible Burger taco meat. 

  • Beet Kvass

    Beet kvass is a fantastic DIY tonic: It’s easy to put together, and it has all the fermented je ne sais quoi of kombucha

  • Impossible Larb

    One of the things we love about larb is that it can be any sort of meal.

  • Lemon Chamomile Cake

    The cake has the loveliest texture, and it tastes lemony and lightly floral — the chamomile’s faint perfume. 

  • Miso Caramel Apples

    Granny Smith apple dipped in chewy caramel and miso-roasted pistachios and sesame seeds.

  • Strawberry Leather

    Fruit leather is one of the great snack candies of childhood.

  • Sheet-Pan Salmon & Squash

    What we like about this dish is that it combines warm, fall harvest flavors with a light, sunny, SoCal vibe.

  • Pickle Chips

    The beauty of these little chippies is that they pickle overnight, which means you get to eat them right away.

  • Dutch Oven Pumpkin Bread

    This no-knead bread is the perfect introduction to bread-making.

  • Celery, Apple & Peanut Salad

    Aromatic celery, crisp apples, curly green onions, roasted peanuts, parsley leaves, and slivers of red jalapeño.

  • How to Make Tomato Sauce

    This one starts with pleasantly aromatic garlic, onion, and olive oil wafting through the kitchen. 

  • Dutch Baby

    We love the texture of a Dutch Baby: it’s as light as a crêpe and has the soft, custardy interior of a popover.

  • Khao Man Gai

    It yields a wonderfully tender, beautifully spiced chicken and a rich, hearty broth.

  • Andouille Sausage & Shrimp Gumbo

    In addition to spicy andouille sausage, it’s full of shrimp, tomatoes, and other, more crunchy veggies

  • Mojito

    If summer cocktails held a contest to choose a mascot, it would surely be a tie between mint and lime.

  • Green Goddess Cobb Salad

    As one of our tasters so eloquently put it, this Cobb salad is greater than the sum of all its wonderful parts.

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