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  • How to Make Tomato Sauce

    This one starts with pleasantly aromatic garlic, onion, and olive oil wafting through the kitchen. 

  • Dutch Baby

    We love the texture of a Dutch Baby: it’s as light as a crêpe and has the soft, custardy interior of a popover.

  • Khao Man Gai

    It yields a wonderfully tender, beautifully spiced chicken and a rich, hearty broth.

  • Andouille Sausage & Shrimp Gumbo

    In addition to spicy andouille sausage, it’s full of shrimp, tomatoes, and other, more crunchy veggies

  • Mojito

    If summer cocktails held a contest to choose a mascot, it would surely be a tie between mint and lime.

  • Green Goddess Cobb Salad

    As one of our tasters so eloquently put it, this Cobb salad is greater than the sum of all its wonderful parts.

  • Grilled Swordfish in Lemon Caper Sauce>

    Swordfish has a lovely, firm texture that’s so satisfying, and it’s absolutely stunning in this understated dish.

  • Salt Guide>

    No phrase so aptly sums up the important (nay, critical!) role of salt in cooking as “salt to taste.”

  • Blackberry & Thyme Jam>

     It has a light blackberry sweetness and it’s full of thyme and warm, aromatic spices, like cinnamon and star anise.

  • Creamy Artichoke & Spinach Linguine>

    Some nights you want it all: a super comforting meal that comes together quickly and tastes special.

  • Black Bean Burgers>

    Full of veggies, garlic, Worcestershire, and spices, these black bean burgers have a fresh savory flavor that’s so satisfying.

  • Cubano Sliders>

    Crispy, buttery, cheesy, sweet, tangy, and salty — these little sliders have it all! 

  • The Midleton Mule>

    Its spicy ginger syrup and whiskey offer all the comfort of a hot tea — but it’s  got all the freshness of ginger beer and lime.

  • Slow Cooker Beer Corned Beef>

    Isn't it glorious to put a corned beef brisket in the slow cooker, go to work, and come home to find a hot meal?

  • Ojai Tapenade>

    Bright capers, mild black olives, and thyme chopped together with Dijon and a small amount of anchovy.

  • Smoked Salmon Dip>

    Cream cheese, chunks of smoked salmon, and briny capers whirled up with just a titch of hot sauce and plenty of fresh dill.

  • Vegan Squash & White Bean Stew>

    This hearty stew comes together in a half hour or so, but it tastes as though it’s been simmering on the the stove all day.

  • 3 Amazing Kefir Parfaits>

    As a famous and wise donkey once said, everybody loves parfaits — parfaits have layers!

  • How to Make the Best Burger >

    Making a great burger is not about the particulars so much as having all the right proportions.

  • Burger Sauce >

    It really pulls a burger together, but it’s also terrific on fries, roasted veggies, and all kinds of sandwiches.

  • Bacon Jam >

    Bacon jam is delightfully crispy, chunky, maple-y sweet, and smoky.

  • Shakshuka >

    It’s full of garlic, smoke, brine, heat, and salt, and it has the texture of a very dense stew.

  • How to Make Candied Nuts >

    We coat them in a frothy egg batter laced with vanilla, sugar, cinnamon, cayenne, and sweet paprika.

  • Red Sapphire >

    It’s light and refreshing and puckery in a pleasing way that hits you square in the center of the tongue.

  • Raspberry and Aperol Floats >

    It’s like a slightly boozy version of some of the most cheerful childhood desserts: strawberry milkshakes and dreamsicles.

  • Meyer Lemon & Ricotta Crêpes >

    This very simple, very quick filling of Meyer lemon and whipped ricotta is so creamy and light, it tastes decadent.

  • Mini Baked Ham Sandwiches >

    Luckily, these little guys come together in about 10 minutes, so if you’re making them as a game day snack, you’ll have no trouble at all whipping up two or three batches.

  • quinoa breakfast bowl

    Quinoa Breakfast Bowl

    It’ll make your house smell wonderful — like baking cookies. There are worse ways to wake up!

  • cottage cheese and green onion biscuits

    Cottage Cheese and Green Onion Biscuits

    Made with creamy cottage cheese and a nutty quinoa flour, these biscuits are moist and have a subtle salty tang — and an almost absurd amount of protein!

  • citrus guide

    A Home Cook's Guide to Citrus

    If we had to pick one family of fruit to take with us to a deserted island, it would probably be citrus.


  • charred lemonade

    Charred Lemonade with Mezcal

    It’s sweet and puckery tart and full of smoke in all the right proportions.

  • char citrus

    How to Char Lemons & Other Citrus

    Charring lemons gives them more depth and complexity: the sweets are sweeter, the acidity is less bitter and yet somehow brighter, and then there’s all that wonderful smoke.

  • A bowl of chicken and tortellini soup.

    Chicken & Tortellini Soup

    For the soup lovers, it’s also a nice change from the regulars, like heavy beef stew, creamy butternut squash, or split pea with ham.

  • Check out our recipe for Salted Pistachio Brittle

    Salted Pistachio Brittle

    It’s kind of the perfect afternoon treat because it’s so rich you can only eat a small piece of it, and it’s wonderful with a caffè latte.

  • Check out our recipe for Mulled Bourbon Punch

    Mulled Bourbon Punch

    It’s like a top-notch hibiscus tea that’s been spiked with lemon, honey, bourbon, and a handful of spices.

  • Check out our recipe for Jalapeño Popper Dip

    Jalapeño Popper Dip

    Gooey, creamy cheese with bacon and just a hint of fresh jalapeño pepper heat — it came together in 4 steps, and disappeared in 5 minutes.

  • Check out our recipe for thai style slaw and chicken

    Thai-Style Slaw & Chicken

    It’s sweet and spicy, full of crunchy veggies and chicken, and it’s got a pleasantly funky fish-sauce umami!

  • Check out our recipe for PBJ wings

    PB & J Chicken Wings

    There’s PB & J in our wing sauce, and we love it.

  • Check out our recipe for Spanish Frittata

    Spanish Frittata

    This frittata is a glorious mash-up of the Spanish tortilla and a breakfast hash.

  • Check out our recipe for Butter Chicken

    Butter Chicken

    It’s rich, deeply flavorsome, and just what you want at the end of a trying day.

  • Check out our recipe for Crostini with steak and herbed butter

    Crostini with Steak & Herbed Cheese

    What pairs beautifully with both red wine and book clubs?

  • Check out our recipe for Tomato-Basil Soup

    Tomato-Basil Soup

    It has a quiet kick, which makes it extra warming on a winter’s day — and the perfect dipper for your grilled cheese sandwich.

  • Check out our recipe for Nutty Pesto Mousse

    Nutty Pesto Mousse

    It’s basil pesto whirled up in cream cheese and topped with sundried tomatoes and toasted pine nuts.

  •  Check out our recipe for Spicy Penne alla Vodka

    Spicy Penne alla Vodka

    We love this recipe for unfussy entertaining.

  • Check out our recipe for how to make Fresh Pasta

    How to Make Fresh Pasta

    We’ve put together a simple how-to that’ll have you rolling out rich, eggy noodles with a wonderfully tender texture in no time.

  • Here's our recipe for Pasta Alfredo with Acorn Squash and Fresh Peas

    Pasta Alfredo with Acorn Squash & Fresh Peas

    With peas, leeks, and dill, our creamy alfredo sauce tastes deceptively light — it’s a refreshing break from heavy holiday eating.

  • Our recipe for how to make Candied Nuts

    How to Make Candied Nuts

    Superbly crunchy, perfectly sweet, and filled with cinnamon spice and just a hint of peppery heat — they’re the perfect nut for all occasions.

  • Learn more about Christmas dinner options

    Gelson’s Christmas Dinners

    We offer gourmet Christmas dinners prepared by some of the best chefs in Southern California. You can order a full meal with all the trimmings — or just a few of your favorite sides.

  • Learn more about this Tequila Patron

    Gelson's Exclusive: Patrón Reposado Tequila

    Hand-selected by Gelson’s, this Select Reposado boasts aromas of fresh oak...

  • Check out this recipe for Blood Orange Paloma

    Blood Orange Paloma

    Made with bitter-sweet blood orange, thyme-infused simple syrup, and a shot or so of Mezcal, it’s smoky and juicy — and quite pretty in its deep red blush.

  • Check out this recipe for Caramelized Onion Dip

    Caramelized Onion Dip

    It’s dangerously good stuff, so you’ll want to make it for a party — and let your guests help it disappear!

  • Check out this recipe for Classic Grilled Artichokes

    Classic Grilled Artichokes

    Grilled artichokes beautifully charred on the outside, soft and creamy on the inside.

  • Check out this recipe for Kale Salad with Ambrosia Apples

    Kale Salad with Ambrosia Apples

    It’s got texture, oodles of flavor, and more nutrients than we can name.

  •  Check out this recipe for Potato Latkes

    Potato Latkes

    Tender on the inside and wonderfully crisp and crunchy on the outside, potato latkes are one of our favorite Hanukkah dishes.

  • Check out our recipe for Rugelach


    They’re just a bite or two, so pretty — tiny, golden crescents — and right at home perched alongside our morning coffee or atop a scoop of ice cream.

  • Banana Bread

    McCann’s Oatmeal-Banana Bread

    This banana bread is wonderfully moist and not at all mushy — a terrific update on traditional banana bread recipes.

  • Check out the newly available JOIA Spirit Craft Cocktails

    Introducing JOIA Spirit Craft Cocktails

    All the fresh complexity we love in the soda, plus a crisp, clean premium vodka.


  • Check out our recipe for Lasagna Rolls 

    Lasagna Rolls

    Tender noodle spirals rolled up with creamy herbed ricotta and a lux meat sauce.

  • Check out our recipe for Herbed Potato Gratin 

    Herbed Potato Gratin

    It's a dish that will delight dinner guests - elegant looking and tasting - but it comes together in just five steps..


  • Event Poster for our evening with  San Simeon Wines 

    An Evening with San Simeon Wines

    Be wine and dined at our partnering event with San Simeon Wines!


  • Check out our recipe for Honey-Glazed Roasted Sweet Potatoes 

    Honey-Glazed Roasted Sweet Potatoes

    Honey glaze gives these a lightly caramelized, chewy, crisp skin, and a hint of citrus sweetness that's well nigh irresistible.


  • Check out our recipe for Oyster Stuffing 

    Oyster Stuffing

    A classic blend of warm bread, fresh herbs, and a pop of sea and salt from the oysters.


    Spinach & Mushroom Strata

    With custardy bread, earthy shitake, soft spinach, and a delicately tangy feta, our strata is just what Sunday morning ordered.


  • Turkey Dinner

    Gelson's Fresh Turkey

    We offer fresh antibiotic-free turkeys, organic turkeys, and heirloom turkeys. If you want, we’ll even spatchcock your turkey for you.

  • Butter Guide for Cooking

    A Home Cook’s Guide to Butter

    What’s the difference between all these butters, and what are we supposed to do with them?

  • Check out our recipe for Pumpkin Pecan Squares

    Pumpkin Pecan Squares

    When we tested these squares, our chefs and our tasters went nuts!

  • Check out our recipe for Tangerine Margarita

    Tangerine Margarita

    Tangerine pairs well with tequila, holding its own without being too bossy.

  • Check out our recipe for Skillet Nachos

    Skillet Nachos

    This nacho recipe is definitely for the topping lovers...

  • Now you can make Spaghetti Squash right at home

    How to Make Spaghetti Squash

    Whatever your plans, our how-to will help you get the squash prepped and ready — a tender blank slate for your culinary masterpiece.

  • Swordfish & Tomato Tomatillo Salsa

    Swordfish steaks are the perfect vehicle for salsa...

  • Here's our recipe for apple crisp

    Apple Crisp

    Our crisp will fill your kitchen with the smell of fall baking and give your ice cream purpose.


  • Learn about the new Gelson's granola

    Gelson’s Granola

    It’s terrific in a bowl with fresh milk, scattered over Greek yogurt, or baked into a berry cobbler.

  • beef jerky

    Taste Test: Beef Jerky

    There are so many brands and flavors it’s sometimes hard to choose between them — so we put our crack team of tasters on it.

  • Pickles

    How to Make Quick Pickles

    They’re so easy to make — and they can help you use up spare veggies and fruit...

  • cheese platter ideas

    Oktoberfest Beer & Cheese Pairings

    In celebration of fall and Oktoberfest, our in-house Tastemaster put together four intriguing beer and cheese pairings.

  • gelson's local products

    Stay Cali-Cool with Gelson's

    Gelson’s loves helping our customers discover the finest local food Southern California has to offer...

  • hatch chile

    Hatch Chile Season 2018 Is Here!

    Each year, our Gelson's locations provide our customers with healthy and delicious dishes that include fresh hatch chile in celebration of our Annual Hatch Chile Roasting event. Visit our service deli and taste some of the masterfully prepared recipes featuring the distinguished taste and spicy flavor.

  • check out this coleslaw recipe

    5 Ingredient Coleslaw Recipe

    This simple coleslaw side dish has five ingredients and uses...

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