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10 Scrumptious Brunches (with Cocktails!)

Brunch is equal parts food and attitude. Of course it should be scrumptious, but it’s the all-in commitment to putting together something special, to sitting down for a long-winded meal with at least one other person, to drinking more coffee than is strictly good for you that really makes it. At its best, brunch signals a plan to make it a splendidly unrushed, vacation-y, fun sort of day.

Special can be whatever you make of it. Easy, healthy, decadent, boozy. In this collection, we’ve given you some of each. Just started a cleanse? Try our kefir parfaits — they’re good for you, and you can put out all the ingredients and let your guests exercise their inner culinary artiste. On the more luxurious side, the Meyer lemon and ricotta crêpes are heaven and come together more easily than you think! In between, there are egg dishes, pastries, and for the inspired, some spicy bloodies and a very delicate sparkling wine cocktail.

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