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5 Summer Inspired Recipes You Haven’t Thought of Yet

Summer Inspired Recipes at Gelson's Market

Summertime is a season filled with family and friends, joined by special gatherings like backyard barbecues, casual outdoor dining, and holiday weekend celebrations. With a bounty of fresh, seasonal produce, delightful flavors, and more time to enjoy meals with the ones you love, summer is a wonderful time of year to get creative with your menu.

While there are certainly a handful of classic dishes and ingredients that are a cornerstone of nearly every summer meal plan, you can make this year one that’s especially delicious with imaginative summer foods that give you something new to enjoy. Here are five unique summer recipes that deserve the spotlight and are sure to become beloved staples for countless years to come. 


There’s nothing quite like firing up the grill every summer, cooking over an open flame and relishing in that one-of-a-kind flavor that can’t be replicated indoors. These citrus grilled vegetables are a versatile side dish that’s packed with both flavor and nutrients, serving as the perfect healthy complement to virtually any dish. Choose a mix of seasonal veggies like zucchini and bell peppers, then marinate them in the citrus-infused marinade before grilling for a bright punch of flavor.

This seafood dish has all the style and flavor of a gourmet meal, but can be easily prepared by even a novice in the kitchen. The rich texture and taste of black cod is highlighted by simple seasonings and a delightful summer tapenade made with dry white wine, garlic, shallots, zucchini, and heirloom cherry tomatoes.

Skip the stovetop altogether with this crisp summer salad, perfect for the hot summer evenings when you want something simple but delicious. Lightly steamed asparagus and sugar snap peas add new layers of flavor to a versatile combination of cherry tomatoes, romaine lettuce, and red onion. The rainbow of summer veggies is topped with Parmesan, pine nuts, and a crisp Dijon vinaigrette for a light but a satisfying meal in minutes.

For a summertime dessert, the whole family will enjoy, try these barbecued banana boats. Everyone can choose their perfect combination of toppings including chocolate chips and marshmallows, then gather by the fire and make lasting memories while the banana boats are roasted to sweet, decadent perfection.

Try your hand at homemade hummus with this easy recipe, which takes advantage of an array of spices to maximize flavor. The only kitchen equipment you’ll need is a knife and a food processor, and the recipe takes just a few minutes to complete. This tasty chickpea spread is a healthy substitute for mayo on all your favorite wraps and sandwiches, or a creative addition to a summertime charcuterie board.

Let Gelson’s Help You Make Summer Mealtime a Breeze

Whether you have a busy summer season filled with family events and vacations or one focused on enjoying the slower pace of summertime, the last thing you want to do is spend more time than necessary shopping for your mealtime essentials. Gelson’s Supermarkets is a Southern California favorite, known as the neighborhood grocer where you can find everything from gourmet ingredients and high-quality produce to fresh seafood and delicious baked goods. You can find everything you need to prepare wonderful meals all summer long, or let our deli and catering teams do the work for you with our extensive selection of prepared dishes.

Browse our recipe collections for more inspiration for your summer menu and stop by your neighborhood Gelson’s for all your year-round cooking necessities. 


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