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healthy sweet potato recipe

Gone are the days when sweet potatoes were reserved for the Thanksgiving table, topped with heaps of marshmallows and swimming in brown sugar. Now, it seems that this sweet and starchy root vegetable has become a tasty trend - and if you ask us, the sweet potato is a vegetable that’s definitely here in our kitchens to stay.

Full of flavor and rich in vitamins and minerals, the mighty sweet potato is packed with health-boosting antioxidants and plenty of fiber. Whether you prefer the classic orange sweet potato or like to switch it up with purple and white varieties, there are plenty of nutritious perks to look forward to. Plus, sweet potatoes boast an impressive amount of versatility. From breakfast to dinner (and snacks in between!), there are so many ways to eat and enjoy sweet potatoes.

We’ve put together a complete collection of our favorite healthy sweet potato recipes, serving up options that are easy to make, good for you, and extremely flavorful. Roast, toast, mash, bake, and blend - there’s no end to how creative you can get with these sweet spuds. With this handy recipe guide in hand, don’t be surprised if sweet potatoes start making regular appearances on your weekly menu.

Sweet Potato Breakfast Recipes

You might be a little surprised to see breakfast recipes for sweet potatoes - but if you think about it, it makes perfect sense. We’ve been eating hearty, potato-based breakfast recipes for years (think hash browns, Potatoes O’Brien, and more). Why not give your breakfast a little boost of nutritional value by switching it up with the addition of sweet potatoes?

Sweet Potato Breakfast Hash

This healthy breakfast hash doesn’t skimp on flavor - or veggies! Colorful, filling, and nourishing, it’s the perfect meal prep recipe for a quick and easy breakfast all week long. One of the secrets to this dish’s mouth-watering flavor is the bacon: you’ll cook it first in a large pan. You’ll use the bacon grease for cooking the onions, bell peppers, sweet potatoes, and kale, kicking the flavor into high gear. 

Spiralized Sweet Potato Egg Nests

If you don’t own a spiralizer yet, now’s the time to get one. This handy kitchen gadget is about to become your newest tool for eating healthy. Use it to cut sweet potatoes into long, curly “noodles,” which you’ll then crisp up in some ghee or olive oil. Arrange the potatoes into “nest” shapes using a pair of tongs, then crack an egg right on top. It’s then time for the fun part: adding your favorite garnishes. Some suggestions include microgreens, fresh herbs, hemp seeds, scallions, and of course, salt and pepper.

Sweet Potato Muffins

Sometimes, you just want a fresh-baked muffin in the morning. On those days, you can feel like you’re indulging with one of these quick and simple muffins, but you’ll actually be biting into a healthy breakfast. In less than 10 minutes of prep time and 25 minutes of baking, you’ll be taking warm muffins out of the oven. The recipe features mashed sweet potatoes, coconut milk, whole wheat flour, and coconut sugar, putting a clean-eating spin on the traditionally sugar-heavy morning muffin.

Healthy Sweet Potato Main Course Recipes

The sweet and savory flavors of sweet potatoes make for a perfect contribution to any main course. Whether you’re craving cozy comfort food or something light, these easy main course recipes with sweet potatoes are sure to satisfy.

Sweet Potato Soup

This soup is creamy yet light, perfect for a comfortable lunch or dinner at home. Ingredients such as fresh ginger, paprika, garlic, and a sprinkle of red pepper add a delicious dimension, while the sweet potato and carrot create a vibrant shade of orange.

Chili-Stuffed Baked Sweet Potato

Load up your baked sweet potatoes with savory chili, and now you’ve turned a side dish into a main course! You can keep this dish health-conscious by using ground turkey for your chili and adding plenty of salsa, shredded cabbage for crunch, and a handful of shredded cheese.

Baked Nachos with Roasted Sweet Potato

Wish you could find a way to “healthify” your favorite game-day nachos? Try this recipe, which incorporates roasted sweet potato with saucy pinto beans, homemade tortilla chips, and fresh salsa. You won’t have to sacrifice any of the flavor, crunch, or creaminess you love, but the nutrition facts will leave you feeling good.

Sweet Potato Side Dish and Appetizer Recipes

Are you searching for a quick and easy side dish recipe? Or maybe you’re on the hunt for creative appetizer recipes. Whatever the case, you can’t go wrong with any of these recipes for sweet potato side dishes and appetizers.

Hasselback Sweet Potatoes

Thanks to super-thin slices and a drizzle of herbed butter, these Hassleback-style baked sweet potatoes are the perfect combination of crisp and tender. Pop the potatoes into the oven on a baking sheet, then take a few moments to whip up the scallion and Greek yogurt topping (we promise it’s worth the time).

Roasted Sweet Potatoes with Honey and Cinnamon

This recipe will remind you of a traditional sweet potato casserole, but with far less sugar and calories. Drizzle cubed sweet potatoes with olive oil, honey, and a dusting of cinnamon, add salt and pepper, and roast them. Then, you’ll just need to resist the temptation to open up the oven to sneak a sniff of the amazing aromas of the potatoes as they bake.

Sweet Potato Toast

You read that right - this is a recipe for toast that swaps a slice of bread for a sweet potato. With a mandolin (or a sharp knife and some skill), you’ll slice your sweet potato into very thin pieces lengthwise. Then, roast it in the oven, or place it in the toaster for four to six cycles. Once your “toast” is ready, you can get creative with your toppings. Here are a few suggested combinations:

  • Avocado, cucumber, poached egg, and smoked salmon

  • Almond butter and cinnamon

  • Spinach, prosciutto, avocado, and poached egg

  • Cream cheese, strawberry jam, and chia seeds

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