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St Patrick's Day Meal Ideas from Gelson's Market

 St Patrick's Day Meal Ideas from Gelson’s Market

In the United States, the tradition of celebrating Irish history and heritage on St. Patrick’s Day dates back well into the 1700s. From dying the Chicago River a vibrant shade of green to parades hosted by cities across the nation, there’s no shortage of festivities to look forward to every March 17th. 

One of the most delicious parts of the St. Patrick’s Day revelry is the wide variety of Irish-inspired dishes, ranging from classic staples to those that put a modern spin on old favorites. If you’re hoping to plan a fabulously fun feast, you’ll have the luck of the Irish on your side with this collection of our favorite St. Patrick’s Day meal ideas.

Ideas for St. Patrick’s Day Meals

If you’re wondering what to cook on St. Patrick’s Day, we have you covered with a variety of ideas both traditional and modern:

  • Corned beef and cabbage: Though this staple meal is actually far from traditional Irish fare, it’s become a go-to dinner for St Patrick’s Day in the U.S. Rich spices and a savory variety of vegetables (including carrots, potatoes, and of course, cabbage) combine with tender corned beef for a meal that will warm even the chilliest March day. Make the dish your own by transforming it into corned beef and cabbage sliders, or serve it on a platter for a more traditional take.

  • Irish colcannon: Colcannon is Ireland’s take on mashed potatoes, a hearty classic that’s beloved the world around. This recipe incorporates high-quality butter and cheese for an incredible side dish.

  • Shepherd’s pie: Surprisingly more authentically Irish than corned beef and cabbage, Shepherd’s pie is the ultimate comfort food for your St. Patrick’s Day dinner.

  • Corned beef hash: If you’re a fan of breakfast for dinner, this decidedly Irish hash is sure to delight your taste buds.

How to Host a St. Patrick’s Day Party Your Guests Will Love

Planning to put together an Irish-inspired get-together this St. Patrick’s Day? Here are a few suggestions for keeping your guests feeling like they’re at a party worthy of the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow:

  • Mix up the meal with a combination of traditional St. Patrick’s Day foods and a few creative new dishes, giving your guests something unique to try. Don’t be afraid to get adventurous with new recipes, especially if you have a few no-fail standbys (like our Traditional Irish Colcannon).

  • Put a sweet spin on the holiday with St. Patrick’s Day desserts like Irish cream cupcakes, an Irish cream cheesecake, or even whiskey dark chocolate truffles.

  • Keep your guests’ appetites at bay with a variety of snack-friendly foods, including a few charcuterie boards – and score extra hosting points for themed snack boards!

  • Whip up a St. Patrick’s Day cocktail to add a signature touch to your event, using elements like Guinness beer and Irish cream as inspiration. 

Shop for Your St. Patrick’s Day Festivities at Gelson’s Market

Whether you opt for the more traditional St. Patrick’s Day recipes or decide to try your luck with a fun and family-friendly green-themed celebration, you can find all the necessities at Gelson’s Supermarkets. Here, we’ll make it easy to cross everything off your St. Patrick’s Day shopping list, from fresh produce and meats to gourmet spices and other ingredients. Or, you can streamline your holiday meal by having your groceries delivered or even letting our catering and deli department do the work of preparing something delicious for your table – it’s entirely up to you.

Browse recipe ideas for more St. Patrick’s Day inspiration and stop by your neighborhood Gelson’s to start stocking up today.

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