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The Bagel Board


We love entertaining with a board because it feels so festive and special, whether it’s charcuterie, cheese, ice cream or, yes, yes, yes, bagels. With a board, you can linger over a meal, noshing and chatting — it’s convivial. This is especially true of the bagel board because people love bagels, and they love toppings. We piled our bagel board up with fresh veggies and fruit, cream cheese spreads, various and sundry pickles, slices of shimmering lox, and jars of jam. It’s a choose-your-own-adventure board with savory and sweet options for everybody, even the most picky eater.  

Doesn’t it look beautiful? It’s so colorful, so jam-packed with cheer, your friends and family will be delighted and a little bit impressed. They may even whip out their phones and Instagram its beauty. Imagine all that glory, and you don’t have to cook a thing — which, if we’re talking about a weekend brunch, is a huge bonus.

If you’re planning a get-together at home, you could invite guests to bring a few toppings. It’s also fun to throw in a half dozen mini bagels for the little kids — and the game adults who want to try a bite of absolutely everything. A bagel board is also a great way to launch a big meeting at work.

Here’s a list of everything we included on our board, but don’t let it tie you down — it’s your board, and the sky’s the limit, so go ahead and wander our beautiful produce section and see what calls out to you. 



Plain bagels

Sesame bagels

Everything bagels

Onion bagels







Plain cream cheese

Strawberry cream cheese

Chive and onion cream cheese

Kite Hill almond milk cream cheese

Sweet cream butter


Apricot jam




Red onions


Green olives



Heirloom tomatoes

Grape tomatoes

Watermelon radish





Other toppings

Olive oil

Flake salt


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