3 Cheese & Charcuterie Pairings for Awards Night

3 Cheese & Charcuterie Pairings for Awards Night

If you’re throwing together a little awards-viewing soirée, nothing could be easier than a good-looking cutting board laid out with some cheese and charcuterie. We asked our Tastemaster, Lisa Ali, for a few suggestions, and the list she sent is so fun — packed with herbs and spice and texture-a-go-go.

Our tips: For a full-on tasting adventure, you could invite each of your guests to bring over a pairing of their own. And, since awards night is all about strong opinions, have folks take tasting notes and vote on their favorite pairing — winning pair takes home a bottle of wine?

Les Trois Petits Cochons Chorizo + Cabra Romero Rosemary Goat Cheese
The chorizo is intensely spiced with garlic and smoky paprika. It tastes amazing sliced thin and topped with the creamy rosemary goat cheese.

Ferrarini Parma Prosciutto + Fromager d’Affinois
There’s just one word to describe this pairing: butter. The prosciutto is pleasantly fatty and lush, the perfect rich and briny companion to the super smooth double-cream. These two will provide a nice break from the strong flavors of the other pairings.

Les Trois Petits Cochons Saucisson Sec aux Herbes de Provence + Gelson’s Beehive Ginger & Turmeric
This saucisson sec is a wonderful balance of robust, meaty pork sausage and delicate herbs. That contrast makes it a fine companion for Gelson’s exclusive Beehive Cheese Ginger & Turmeric flavored Promontory Cheese, a spirited Irish-style cheddar with a full-bodied, buttery texture and lovely hints of ginger, turmeric, and honey. This pairing is bold yet refined!