Gelson’s Beef

At Gelson’s, we’re unabashedly beef-proud. We’re the only grocery chain in Southern California that’s licensed to carry the Certified Angus Beef® Brand of USDA Prime Beef — the very same beef you get when you go to an upscale steak or chop house.

We’re also one of the few grocery stores with a staff of journeyman meat cutters behind our counter from the minute we open to the time we close. We’re like a neighborhood butcher shop. Our meat cutters hand-trim our beef so that it cooks up beautifully and tastes amazing (every time!), and they make all of our ground beef fresh, every day, from our prime, choice, and grass-fed beef trimmings. Need a special cut, some bones for your puppy, or an idea for dinner? They’re here for you.

In this short video, our Senior Director of Meat and Seafood, Sean Seanz, talks about what makes Certified Angus Beef® Brand of USDA Prime Beef so special — and so tasty. He also introduces Bertha Coromac, one of our customers’ most beloved meat cutters.