Gelson’s Fresh Lobster


Our lobsters are special! First of all, while many a fishmonger and grocery store are content to bring in frozen lobsters, ours are delivered live daily by SoCal’s best seafood vendors. And we keep them live in great big tanks in our seafood department, right up until the moment you take them home for dinner.

Why is that a big deal? Because fresh lobster meat is a delicacy — its texture is so tender, and it has a sweet, briny, fresh-from-the-sea flavor.

Second, we know it’s a bit of an adventure (read: pain) to bring home a live lobster. They’ve got claws, and breaking into those shells is no joke! So, if you prefer, you can pick out a lobster or two from our tank, and our chefs will steam, crack, and clean them for you free of charge.

All you have to do is take your fresh lobster home, warm it up in the oven, melt the lemon-garlic butter — and you’ve got a sumptuous lobster dinner.