Gelson’s Seafood

At Gelson’s, we’re proud to bring you the freshest, highest quality seafood available. There are things in our cases that you simply can’t find anywhere else: We steam, peel, and devein our shrimp in-house, fresh, every day. We offer live lobster, and we’ll cook, clean, and crack it for free. And of course, there’s our poke bar — featuring poke we make fresh, several times a day, using our house Hawaiian and Hawaiian Spicy style recipes and generous chunks of beautiful, center-cut ahi tuna.

We can offer such beautiful seafood because we have great partners, the folks who bring us deliveries of locally and globally caught fresh seafood six or seven times a week. And because we have the best people working in our seafood department, people who really know fish — when it’s in season, how to fillet and debone it, how it tastes, how to cook it.

In this short video, our Meat and Seafood Buyer, Fernando Moreno, talks about what makes our seafood department special. He also introduces us to Superior Seafood, one of our longest standing partners.