Rose Wine and Charcuterie Pairing

Rose Wine and Charcuterie Pairing

In February, we find ourselves craving sweet sunshine and outdoor living — even more so because of the pandemic. It’s a great time for a glass of rosé on the patio. Gelson’s rosé is a beautifully balanced, dry, and fruit-forward wine created just for us by French winemaker Julien Fayard.

Our wine folks love to pair it with charcuterie. The cold, cured meats are perfect with a light, crisp rosé: their saltiness and spiced fat really work to enhance all the wine’s flavors.

Here, they’ve given us a handful of charcuterie pairings with not only Gelson’s rosé, but also a variety of bottles from our wine stores.

Our tip: Round out the rich meats with complementary palate cleansers, like green Cerignola olives, Three Little Pigs cornichons, and whole grain mustard. Thin slices of Gelson’s rustic baguette or a stack of crunchy La Panzanella Mini Original Croccantini crackers would also be great.

Gelson's Rose Wine

Gelson’s Rosé paired with Ferrarini Prosciutto di Parma DOP Aged 18 Months
Ferrarini Prosciutto di Parma is sweet and salty with a nutty finish, making it a wonderful pairing with the soft red fruits and dry, refreshing acidity of Gelson’s Rosé.

Margerum Wine

Margerum Riviera Rosé paired with Spanish Fermin Iberico Jamon Aged 2 Years
Fermin’s Iberico Jamon is perfectly marbled for an incredibly silky texture, a nice contrast with the refreshing acidity of this California rosé. The ham’s faintly fruity flavor and nutty finish brings out the wine’s strawberry fruit flavors.

VieVite Wine

VieVité Rosé paired with Fermin Iberico de Bellota Chorizo
Bellota Chorizo is produced from Iberian pigs that feed on acorns, giving the meat incredible depth of flavor. In this layered pairing, the fragrant, smoky pimenton spice of the Chorizo is highlighted by the rosé’s ripe tropical fruit and crisp, delicate finish.

Miraval Rose

Miraval Rosé pairs with Creminelli Varzi Salami
The Creminelli Varzi has a delicate, approachable flavor. In this pairing, it’s the Miraval’s intense fresh fruit aroma that brings out all of the salami’s nutmeg and spice — flavors that complement the rosé’s balanced acidity and saline finish.

Whispering Angel

Whispering Angel Rosé paired with Volpi Coppa
The crisp acidity of Whispering Angel is a remarkable contrast with the Volpi Coppa -— cutting through what we can only describe as rich, delectable layers of silky fat.