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Gelson's Granola

October 17, 2018

Gelson's Granola

We’re pretty proud of our granola. Unlike a lot of store-bought granolas, our recipe was developed in-house — so it’s packed with healthy, kosher, non-G.M.O. ingredients.

It’s a local product, too. Not just because it has our name on it, but because we source our ingredients in Southern California whenever possible. For example, most of the nuts are grown in the Central Valley. And the granola is baked-to-order at a kosher bakery right here in Baldwin Park.

Our bakers vary the temperature of their ovens throughout the baking process, so that the granola is golden brown, crisp, and caramelized. You’ll find it’s full of different textures and flavors, from sweet, chewy cranberries to crunchy almonds, nutty wheat germ — and a surprising hint of orange zest. That variety makes it great in a cereal bowl with milk, scattered on top of yogurt or ice cream, or right out of the bag or tub as a snack.