Turkey dinner with cooked sides

Holiday Turkeys at Gelson's

When you think of holiday dinners, there are probably more than a few traditional dishes that come to mind. When it comes to the main course, not much can compare to the classic roasted turkey. 

Whether you prefer an easy or homemade holiday, Gelson’s has you covered with premium turkeys of ultimate first-class quality.

Pre-cooked Turkey: Your Simple Holiday Solution

What if we told you that you could serve your guests a deliciously juicy, flawlessly flavorful holiday turkey without lifting a finger? Gelson’s pre-cooked turkeys eliminate any of the usual guesswork and let you get straight to the best part of the holiday meal: eating and enjoying! 

A pre-cooked Gelson’s turkey makes it simple to put a perfectly prepared main dish on your holiday table - and it will be the easiest holiday meal you’ve ever made! Only part you have to do is reheat the turkey, and it’s ready to go! No extra steps necessary.

Thanksgiving Turkey Options

It wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without a turkey - but learning how to cook a turkey is no small task. Instead, why not order a pre-cooked Thanksgiving turkey? Easy, delicious, and never overdone, Gelson’s turkey is the marvelous main dish your guests will love.

Christmas Turkey Options

Come Christmastime; your to-do list is already long enough - so cross off “make a turkey” and go with pre-cooked instead! A pre-cooked Christmas turkey gives you more time and energy to enjoy the magic of the holidays without sacrificing a delicious Christmas dinner. 

New Year's Turkey Options

Ring in the new year with a delicious, five-star dinner, but make it your resolution to cook smarter, not work harder. Gelson’s pre-cooked turkeys can go from store to serving dish in no time, with just a little stop for reheating, so you won’t have to worry about missing the countdown. We’ll toast to that!

Fresh Turkey: A Homemade Holiday Meal

If only homemade will do, you can also shop a wide variety of premium fresh turkeys from your local Gelson’s. We’ve carefully sourced only the highest quality of fresh holiday turkey, including options from the brands you know and trust.

With turkeys in a myriad of sizes, you can find choices for celebrations and families, both large and small. Or, consider keeping it simple with a turkey breast if you’re planning an intimate holiday dinner with just a few guests. Our pre-made turkey’s just need a littel reheating and you are all set.

Don’t Forget the Sides!

Of course, every holiday dinner needs incredible side dishes - and even though the turkey is the star of the show, your sides can be just as delicious. Choose from a myriad of holiday side dishes, including prepared options and from-scratch ingredients. Whether your favorites include mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, roasted vegetables, homemade rolls, or all of the above, you can find everything you need here at Gelson’s.

Make Gelson’s Your Holiday Headquarters

The holiday season can be a wild time of year, but grocery shopping shouldn’t be stressful. And when you come to Gelson’s, you can be confident that you’ll get every ingredient on your list - and your shopping experience will be pleasantly hassle-free. Our team is always here to help you find what you need, including catered holiday dinners, premade entrees and sides, and so much more. No matter what you pick, it will be delightfully delicious.

Start planning for all your special holiday occasions now and put Gelson’s on your must-visit list!