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Crunchy Salmon Bites

Crunchy Salmon Bites



Crunchy Salmon Bites

Serves: 3


organic olive oil spray optional
1 Gelsons Finest organic omega 3 egg beaten
1/4 teaspoon Lawrys lemon pepper
1/2 cup Ians whole wheat panko breadcrumbs
6 ounces wild Alaskan salmon from the tail end of the fish skin removed cut into 1 ounce pieces


Arrange oven rack to second rung from the top position. Preheat broiler. Spray a broiler pan with olive oil spray, if desired.

Season egg with lemon pepper. Pour breadcrumbs into a shallow bowl.

Rinse salmon pieces under cold running water and pat dry with paper towels.

Dip each piece first in egg, and then roll in breadcrumbs to coat all sides. Dip in egg again and then roll in breadcrumbs to form a thick crust. Place on oiled baking pan and lightly spray with olive oil, if desired. Bake for three minutes, turn once and bake three more minutes.