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How to Open a Bottle of Champagne

We’re always up for a bottle of Champagne — at the slightest mention of the stuff, we’re dashing into the wine cellar to fetch it. Mimosas for brunch, Champagne cocktails for happy hour, a little plain old, wonderful bubbly for any reason at all. Yes, yes, yes, we say.

And yet, even in our extreme enthusiasm, we do take the cork seriously. After all, it’s all fun and games ’til someone gets hit in the eye. So here’s our how-to: it’ll get you into the bottle like a proper bartender, by which we mean, without injury.


1 bottle of Champagne

1 tea towel


  1. Remove the foil wrapping and untwist the wire cage while keeping your thumb firmly over the cork.
  2. Drape a towel over the top of the bottle and place your palm over the cork.
  3. Holding the bottle at a 45-degree angle, twist the bottom of the bottle while pulling downward. DO NOT twist the cork.
  4. Keep twisting until you hear the “pop” of the cork. Pour and enjoy!