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Ice Cream Recipes to Try This Weekend

Boozy Buttered Rum Ice Cream Floats

Ice Cream float with caramel sauce


2 scoops Craig's vanilla ice cream
1 oz dark rum
1-4oz Virgil’s root beer
2 Tbs salted caramel sauce, plus more for garnish
maraschino cherry, optional for garnish


1. In a glass or mug, drizzle 2 Tbs salted caramel sauce working your way up the sides of the glass as well.
2. Pour in 1 oz of dark rum.
3. Add two scoops of vanilla ice cream and slowly top with root beer.
4. Garnish with a cherry, sip and enjoy!

Recipe adapted from Style Me Pretty Living.

Root Canal Float

root beer float with whiskey


1 bottle Virgil’s root beer, cold
2 shots or more of Jack Daniel’s
1 big scoop of McConnell's vanilla ice cream


1. In a mug, pour shots of whiskey.
2. Add in root beer and stir for 5 seconds.
3. Top with vanilla ice cream.
4. Serve immediately.

Recipe adapted from Pepper.

Guinness™ Ice Cream Floats

root beer float with beer

1bottle (11.2 oz) cold Guinness™ Stout beer
3-4 ice cream scoops vanilla ice cream


1. Divide beer between two 8-ounce glasses.
2. Add one (or more) scoop of ice cream to each glass. Enjoy!

Recipe adapted from Tablespoon.