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Nectarine Parfaits

Nectarine Parfaits



Nectarine Parfaits

Serves: 1


1 ripe organic nectarine
Fresh raspberries preferably organic
Breyers light vanilla bean ice cream
Kashi Seven in the Morning cereal


Peel any stickers off the nectarine and wash it under cold running water.

Place about half of a package of raspberries in the colander and wash them under cold running water. Allow them to drain.

Place the nectarine on the cutting board and use your knife to cut it in half along the ridge that goes all the way around. Be sure to cut carefully and all the way through to the pit. Use both hands to gently twist the two halves apart. Remove the pit from the fruit and slice each half into 4 wedges. Cut each wedge into about 4 pieces.

Use your measuring cup to scoop up 4 cup of nectarine pieces and place them in the bottom of the cup.

Use the same measuring cup to scoop 4 cup ice cream and place the ice cream in the cup on top of the nectarines.

Fill the same measuring cup with the washed raspberries and place them on top of the ice cream.

Use the tablespoon to measure out the cereal and sprinkle it over the raspberries.

Scoop another 4 cup of nectarines, then ice cream, then raspberries, then nectarines into the cup.

Measure one more tablespoon of cereal and sprinkle it on top of the fruit. Eat your parfait right away so it doesnt melt.

Children should be supervised by an adult.