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Picnic with wine, fruits and cheese

Guide for Wine & Food Pairings


If one aisle at Gelson’s could symbolize our approach to enjoying life to the fullest, our curated wine collection would fill the bill quite nicely. We believe that if you have the right attitude, there’s always a wonderful reason to raise a glass and toast an occasion. To complete the expression of joy, we recognize that with every quality sip, there’s a food counterpart to make the experience sublime.

Finding these menu-matches can present a world of challenge for even the most practiced and intuitive wine connoisseur or gourmand, so unless you’re a thrill-seeker, use our pairing guide. Here’s to you, and whatever you’re celebrating today!


Amontillado Sherry Consommé, olives, tapas, salted nuts
Asti Spumante Puddings, soufflé, light chocolate mousse
Beaujolais Grilled sausages, salami, duck with fruit glaze, roast turkey, sushi, grilled tuna, pork chops
Bordeaux Red: lamb, Irish stew, rare roast beef with old clarets
White: grilled fish, mussels, poultry, seafood
Cabernet Sauvignon French: red meats, lamb, poultry, mature hard cheese
California: full-flavored, meaty casseroles
Chablis White fish, deep-fried food, Chaource cheese
Chardonnay Drink with cheese and egg dishes, asparagus and artichokes, seafood, poultry, or dishes with nut sauces
Chenin Blanc Apéritif or with delicate creamy fish dishes, mild cheeses, strongly flavored cheeses, appetizers, dips
Chianti Spinach and ricotta cannelloni, cold meats, pizza, barbecued foods
Fumé Blanc Barbecued fish, lightly spiced curries
Gewürztraminer Pungent cheese dishes, smoked salmon, pork rillettes, spicy food, poultry, Asian food, veal
Medoc Grilled meat such as lamb, roast pork with garlic, roast chicken
Merlot Bean stew, grilled tuna, strongly flavored cheeses, pasta and red sauce, lamb, beef, chocolate desserts
Muscat Dry: chicken with grapes, avocado salad
Sweet: exotic fruit salads, mince pies, chocolate
Pinot Grigio Mushroom ravioli, linguine with cream and Parmesan, garlic and oil-based sauces, sole, scallops
Pinot Noir Roasted poultry, game, meatier fish, strongly flavored cheeses, salmon, pork, veal, lamb, beef
Port Stilton, blue cheeses and cheddars, chocolate cake, strongly flavored cheeses, chocolate desserts
Pouilly-Fuisse Pasta, poultry, fish in creamy sauces
Riesling Stir-fried or poached dishes, southeast Asian curries
Sauvignon Blanc Seafood salads, Thai food, mild cheese, appetizers, dips, oysters, shrimp, crab, and lobster
Soave Pasta and pesto
Syrah Game and cold meats, beef cooked in red wine
Trebbiano Pasta carbonara, wiener schnitzel
Zinfandel Spicy dishes, pasta and red sauce, steak with mustard and soy sauce, ratatouille, dark chocolate cake

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