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  • Little Gelsons Gem
    Mini Gem Bouquet
    Blooming Bunches

    These little gems are made for us right here in Southern California. A complement to any décor or to brighten any room.

  • Fresh Market Bouquet
    Fresh Market Bouquet
    Blooming Bunches

    A bright and cheery bouquet to brighten up their day!

  • Pink Tulips Web
    25-Stem Tulips
    Blooming Bunches

    These beautiful, locally-grown tulips are sure to brighten up that special someone's day. Colors may vary.

  • Sunflower sunny jar copy whitebg crop 002
    Sunflower Sunny Jar
    Floral Arrangements

    These locally-grown sunflowers in a reusable jar will evoke sunshine that will brighten anyone's day!

  • Sunflower Sunbeam 5stem B Blooming Bunches
    Sunflowers - 5-stem
    Blooming Bunches

    Instant sunshine, These happy flowers just say, “wake up and have a good day”.

  • Raspberry glaze new final
    Raspberry Glaze Bouquet
    Floral Arrangements

    This beautiful bouquet provides a lovey combination of flowers in purples, lavenders, and plums that will remind you of fresh raspberries.

  • Ds orchid resized
    Signature Double Spike Orchid

    Our beautiful, always double spike Phalaenopsis Orchids in a ceramic pot make gift giving easy. Or take one home for that special place in your own home.

  • Purple double spike orchid on white
    Signature Purple Double Spike Orchid

    Our signature double spike orchid in purple. Grown in CA, they add a touch of elegance to any space.

  • Premium wrapped red roses
    Signature Wrapped Premium Red Roses
    Floral Arrangements

    This full bouquet of red roses is the perfect gift for the sweetheart in your life.

  • Premium wrapped yellow roses
    Signature Wrapped Premium Yellow Roses
    Floral Arrangements

    This full bouquet of bright, yellow roses is the perfect gift for the sweetheart in your life.

  • Opus One Blooming Bunches
    Locally Grown Orie Lily White - 3 Stem
    Blooming Bunches

    These beautiful white lilies represents the "universal symbol of beauty", making them the perfect gift for that special someone.

  • Red Roses Top
    Red Premium Roses in Vase
    Floral Arrangements
  • Yellow Roses Top
    Yellow Premium Roses in Vase
    Floral Arrangements
  • Orange Roses Top
    Orange Premium Roses in Vase
    Floral Arrangements
  • Pink Roses Top
    Pink Roses in Vase
    Floral Arrangements
  • Pretty in pink
    Pretty in Pink
    Floral Arrangements

    Beautiful arrangement of tulips, roses, and lilies in a vase.

  • Love knot
    The Love Knot
    Floral Arrangements

    Beautiful arrangement of Hydrangea, Roses and Orchids in a vase.

  • Sunflower Arrangement Tall Hourglass
    California Dreaming
    Floral Arrangements

    Beautiful arrangement of Sunflowers, Hydrangea, Roses and Lilies

  • White Flowers Frosted Glass 1
    Coastal Vibes
    Floral Arrangements

    Beautiful arrangement of white roses, white hydrangea, and white Phalaenopsis in a vase.

  • Protea
    Protea Frill
    Floral Arrangements
  • Haveahappyday 2363154612 New
    Have a Happy Day
    Floral Arrangements

    Brighten any occasion with this floral arrangement with sunflowers.

  • Perfectmatch 2363154614 New
    Perfect Match
    Floral Arrangements

    This floral arrangement is the "perfect match" for any occasion.

  • Shocking 2363154613 New
    Floral Arrangements

    Surprise anyone with this Shocking floral arrangement.

  • Summerseasons
    Summer Seasons
    Floral Arrangements

    Decorate your home with this beautiful summer floral arrangement.

  • Summerset 2363154616 New
    Floral Arrangements

    Beautiful assortment for any occasion.

  • Citrussunflower
    Sunflower Sunshine
    Floral Arrangements

    Bring some sunshine into your home with this sunflower floral arrangement.

  • Tropical Burst
    Tropical Thrill
    Floral Arrangements

    Enjoy this summery tropical flower arrangement any day!

  • Alstro photo
    Blooming Bunches

    Alstroemeria, also called Peruvian Lily, is a long lasting colorful flower that complements other flowers well or looks good by itself.

  • Chamomile White Daisy Blooming Bunches
    Locally Grown Chamomile - 5 Stem
    Holiday Floral

    Grown right here in California, this Chamomile is the perfect element give your bouquet a fresh, “Just Picked” look.

  • Lily oriental conca dor yellow 003
    Locally Grown Conca D'Ore Yellow Lily - 3 Stem
    Blooming Bunches
  • Spray Roses
    Yellow Spray Roses
    Blooming Bunches
  • Orchid upgraded
    Premium Orchid Upgraded
  • White Orchid
    White Phalaenopsis Orchid
  • Purple Phal Orchid
    Purple Phalaenopsis
  • Micro Jewel Orchid
    Phalaenopsis 3" Orchid in Ceramic Pot

    Locally grown 3” orchid. Perfect for that small space you want a long lasting blooming plant.

  • Ds orchid resized
    Double Spike Orchid
  • Wildflower Bunch no vase 2
    Blooming Bunches

    This beautiful bunch can be used to fill out a bouquet or just on their own for a memorable Valentine's Day.

  • Euro Bouquet Yellow
    European Nosegay in Burlap Vase
    Floral Arrangements

    The perfect choice for all occasions, from a hostess gift, recital, or just because. Colors may vary.

  • Delicacy Dream Corsage
    Delicacy Dream Corsage

    Treat your date to this dream of a corsage.

  • Nobilemania Corsage
    Nobilemania Corsage

    A beautiful corsage for a beautiful date.

  • Purple orchid phalaenopsis corsage
    Purple Orchid Phalaenopsis Corsage
  • Sweetheart rose corsage with bling bling
    Sweetheart Rose Corsage with Bling Bling

    Give your sweetheart this elegant sweetheart rose corsage with bling.

  • Sweetheart rose with keepsake bracelet
    Sweetheart Rose Corsage with Keepsake Bracelet

    Want something a little different for your memorable day? Then our beautiful Sweetheart Rose Corsage with a keepsake bracelet for you.

  • Purple Orchid Phael Boutonniere
    Purple Orchid Phael Boutonniere

    Show off your fashion skills with this vibrant Purple Orchid Boutonniere!

  • Delicacy Dream Boutonniere
    Delicacy Dream Boutonniere

    Show your class with this Delicacy Dream Boutonniere.

  • 2015Sweetheartroseboutonniere
    Sweetheart Rose Boutonniere

    A Sweetheart Rose Boutonniere will definitely impress your sweetheart.

  • 2015Singleroseboutonnierebling 1
    Single Rose Boutonniere with Bling

    This our beautiful traditional Single Rose Boutonniere with Bling.

  • Birthday balloon
    Mylar Balloon 18"