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Serving Recommendations
2,000 calories a day is used for general nutrition advice, but calorie needs vary. Additional nutrition information available upon request.
  • 74946 60691 Basket 1 Candy web
    Candy Gift Basket

    Includes: Tate's Chocolate Chip Cookies, Magnolia Confetti Cookies, Lily's Dark Chocolate Bar with Almonds, Lindt Classic Milk Chocolate Bar, Toblerone Milk Chocolate, Marich Salted Cashew Sea Salt Dark Chocolate, Sanders Milk Chocolate Caramels, Muddy Bites White Chocolate and Loacker Tortina Original Wafers.

  • 74946 60692 Basket 2 Coke web
    Coca Cola Gift Basket

    Includes: Coke in Glass Bottles (4pk), Magnolia Classic Vanilla Cookies, Vista Hermosa Sea Salted Totopos, Chica's Original Gourmet Salsa, Lays Kettle Cooked Original Chips, Tate's Chocolate Chip Bark, Planter's Salted Peanuts, M&M Milk Chocolate with Peanut Butter, and Gelson's Yogurt Pretzels.

  • 74946 60695 Basket 5 Coffee Tea web
    Coffee & Tea Gift Basket

    Includes: Philz Tesora Coffee, Mighty Leaf Chamomile Citrus Tea, Tazo Wild Orange Tea, Bonne Maman Strawberry Preserves, Gelson's Honey, Magnolia Classic Vanilla Cookies, Nonni's Limone Biscotti, and Walkers Shortbread Rounds.

  • 74946 60696 Basket 6 Deli web
    Deli Gift Basket

    Includes: Rosemary Raisin Pecan Raincoast Crisps, Bonne Maman Lemon Tartlets, J.O.M. Parmesan Crisps, Busseto Artisan Gentile Salami, Dalmatia Fig Spread, Blue Diamond Smokehouse Almonds, Early California Stuffed Olives, Chocolove Toffee with Almonds, Lu-Le Petit Ecolier Dark Chocolate, 34 Degrees Natural Crisps, and Gelson's Cranberry Trail Mix.

  • 74946 60699 Basket 9 Cider web
    Cider Gift Basket

    Includes: Martinelli's Cranberry/Apple Sparkling Juice, Martinelli's Blush Sparkling Cider, Bonne Maman Strawberry Preserves, BarNana Organic Dark Chocolate Dipped Bites, Gelson's Olive Oil & Sea Salt Crackers, Olli Toscano Salame, Calicorn Natural Popcorn, Siete Sea Salt Kettle Chips, Inka Crop Plantain Chips, Nonni's Limoncello Biscuits, and Wonderful Roasted & Salted Pistachios.

  • 74946 60693 Basket 3 Tequila web
    Tequila Gift Basket

    Includes: Patron Silver Tequila (80 proof), Citra Fresh Agave Paloma Mix, Gelson's Rosemary Olive Oil Cracker Bites, Chica's Original Gourmet Salsa, Chica's Corn Tortilla Chips, Sea Salt Kettle Chips, Inka Crop Plantain Chips, Wonderful Roasted & Salted Pistachios, Gelson's Mixed Nuts, and Can Bech Spread Assorted Flavors.

    Must Be 21+ to Order
  • 74946 60694 Basket 4 Champagne web
    Champagne Gift Basket

    Includes: Veuve Clicquot N.V. Brut, Raincoast Salty Date with Almonds Crisps, Lindt Excellence Caramel with Sea Salt, Sahale Pomegranate Pistachios, Dalmatia Fig Spread, Loacker Patisserie Crème Noisette, Ferrero Rocher (12pc), and Mariani Marcona Almonds.

    Must Be 21+ to Order
  • 74946 60691 Basket 7 Red Wine web
    Red Wine Gift Basket

    Includes: Paraduxx Proprietary Red Blend, Dalmatia Fig Spread, Columbus Dry Chub Salame, Sahale Valdosta Nut Blend, Magnolia Chocolate Chunk Cookies, Sanders Milk Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels, Wonderful No-Shell Pistachios, Carr's Cheese Melts, Almondina Original Biscuits, and Endangered Species Dark Chocolate with Sea Salt and Almonds.

    Must Be 21+ to Order
  • 74946 60698 Basket 8 White Wine web
    White Wine Gift Basket

    Includes: Mi Sueno Chardonnay, Carr's Crackers, Columbus Dry Chub Salame, Divina Chili Fig Spread (mini jar), The Peanut Shop Virginia Peanuts, Ferrero Rocher (12pc), Sahale Glazed Honey Almonds, Brookside Acai Blueberry Dark Chocolate, Loacker Tortina Original Wafers, and Wonderful Roasted & Salted Pistachios.

    Must Be 21+ to Order
  • 74946 60700 Basket 10 Two Wines web
    Two-Wine Gift Basket

    Includes: Frank Family Chardonnay, Justin Cabernet Sauvignon, Carr's Rosemary Crackers, Dalmatia Fig Spread, Busseto Artisan Salami, Tate's Chocolate Chip Cookies, Gelson's Mixed Nuts, Joyfull Parm Everything Crisps, Marich Toffee Almond Milk Chocolate, Ines Rosales Rosemary Thyme Torta, Gelson's Dried Apricots, Fig Olive Raincoast Crisps, Bonne Maman Raspberry Tartlets, and Pepperlane Sweet Heat Preserves.

    Must Be 21+ to Order