Gelson’s supports earth sustainability

How Gelson's Supports Sustainability

At Gelson's Markets, we carry sustainable brands across all categories, including meat, seafood, dairy, and even spices. We understand that our responsibility goes beyond just providing quality products to our customers. We must ensure that our products are environmentally friendly and promote sustainable practices.

We proudly carry several brands committed to environmental stewardship, animal welfare, and community support. Let's take a closer look at some of these brands:

Gelson's Glass Bottle Water and Spices: Last year, Gelson's Markets transitioned from plastic to eco-friendly recyclable glass bottles for water and spices. This move shows our commitment to reducing plastic waste and promoting sustainable practices.

New Barn Plant Milks and Eggs is a leading brand of plant-based products pioneering the regenerative agriculture movement. They have standardized the definition of regenerative farming, which combines rigorous standards in animal welfare, social equity, and organic sustainability under one umbrella. New Barn is founded by leading sustainability-focused organizations, including Dr. Bronner's, Patagonia, and Rodale.

Patagonia Tinned Fish is an outdoor clothing and gear company well-known for its commitment to sustainability. They have expanded their offerings with tinned fish that are sustainably caught in the ocean. Patagonia is committed to sustainable fishing, and the company's entire philosophy is based on sustainability and reversing climate change.

Alec's Ice Cream is committed to using regenerative farming practices, which actually help to reverse climate change. 98% of their ice cream base ingredients are certified or verified regenerative, which means they are produced using holistic farming practices. Through the use of cover crops and carefully managed grazing cows, regenerative farming is positively impacting the food we eat and the world we live in.

12 Tides Organic Kelp Chips are made from sustainably harvested kelp and are certified organic. They are also regenerative, meaning they are produced using farming practices that help restore the environment.

ECOS Detergent/Cleaners is a brand of environmentally friendly cleaners, detergents, and paper items locally based in Southern California. They are committed to reducing their carbon footprint and promoting sustainable practices.

Alter Eco Candy is an organic candy brand committed to regenerative farming practices. It sources its ingredients from farmers who use sustainable practices to help regenerate the land.

Certified Angus Beef® is committed to humane animal care and climate-friendly practices. They focus on caring for cattle, putting people first, and improving the environment. They use the Beef Quality Assurance Certification program to ensure that their animals are treated well, and they work to keep family farmers and ranchers on grasslands where cattle graze to maintain and enhance the environment.

Grass Run Farm® is committed to achieving net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2040. They focus on water use, energy and climate change, animal welfare, team member health and safety, and product integrity. Their producers utilize resources efficiently to meet the needs of the animals and maintain healthy soils and grasslands to promote carbon sequestration. They also hold animal welfare in high regard.

True Story® Heritage Breed All-Natural Pork relies on a network of small family farms to maintain strict standards of environmental stewardship. They focus on sequestering carbon on their farms, treating wastewater at their production facilities, reducing plastics in their packaging, using biodegradable packing materials, reducing food waste, and implementing diversified farming operations.

Superior Farms USDA Choice American Lamb focuses on environmental stewardship, animal care, food quality, and community support. It is committed to reducing energy, water, and transportation emissions. It also uses environmentally friendly packaging and works with family farms that practice regenerative grazing and other regenerative agriculture practices.

Our farm-raised Canadian and Scottish Atlantic salmon are certified sustainable and traceable from the egg to the plate. We work with Sea BOS to protect the oceans from plastic litter, monitor microplastics and plastic-related contaminants in our fish, and reduce plastic farming equipment. We also work to make our supply chain more climate-friendly, invest in water use efficiency, and ensure full traceability of our feed raw materials.

Del Pacifico Seafoods uses artisanal panga boats and selective nets to catch Mexican Blue Shrimp, resulting in the lowest bycatch of any other method and minimizing environmental disruption. Through fair trade premiums, they support small-scale fishing operations and local social and environmental causes, and a percentage of each purchase goes back to the community where the shrimp was caught. They also protect the shrimp species during reproduction and blast-freeze their shrimp within 24 hours of catch to ensure premium quality and freshness.

Established in 1997, the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) is a global, science-based non-profit dedicated to restoring global fish stocks and safeguarding seafood supplies for future generations. MSC is partnered with Culimer, a seafood provider, and Red Shell Sushi, a sushi-making distributor, who helps provide Gelson's customers with popular sushi dishes available for purchase in cold cases or served at the Wine Bars.

At Gelson's Markets, we're proud to carry these sustainable brands and support their commitment to environmental stewardship, animal welfare, and community support. We hope that by offering these products, we can help promote sustainable practices and reduce our impact on the environment.