5 Ways to Eat Hatch Chiles

We love cooking with Hatch chiles: they have a savory pungency and subtle, smoky heat that really make a dish sing. In honor of this year’s incredible crop of chiles, nearly every department in Gelson’s has been cooking up fun dishes with the peppers, from cornbread to mini quiches and flank steak rolls to crab cakes. And of course, we’re also roasting up giant batches of chiles — so you can take home a case (or two!) of mild or hot roasted Hatch chiles to use in your home cooking.

A lot of folks like to divide their Hatch chiles into 1-pound portions and freeze them, so they can cook with them all year round. We highly approve of this behavior! We’ve got our own little stash (read: bags and bags) in the test kitchen’s chest freezer, and we love coming up with new things to do with them.

Here’s a small collection of our most recent creations for you to play with at home.