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Meals to Go Options

Picnic Meals for Two Option

Gelson's Kitchen Meals to Go

This is a pre-paid, easy same day dinner pickup option. With choices for 2 or 4 servings, including popular choices like our Salmon Dinners for 2 and Rotisserie Chicken dinners for 4, we've got you covered.

Simply place your order the same day by 4pm, then visit your local Gelson’s at your reservation time. Please have your order confirmation available. 

Order Gelson's Kitchen Meals to Go

Picnic Meals for Two

All Picnic Meals are served chilled and come in an insulated Gelson's picnic tote with fresh fruit, two 16.9 oz bottles of Gelson's water, two butterflake dinner rolls, four Pie Hole Strawberry Lavender pastry bites and your choice of two sides. These meals can be ordered in advance and are especially great for trips to the Hollywood Bowl! Click here to learn how you can receive a voucher to be redeemed for TWO FREE tickets to the Hollywood Bowl! 

Order Picnic Meals for Two


Lunch Bag for One

All Lunch Bag items are served chilled in an insulated Gelson's tote with fresh fruit, one 16.9 oz bottle of Gelson’s Water and one side and dessert. These may also be ordered in advance and are also great for outings to such destinations like the Hollywood Bowl. 

Order Lunch Bag


Holiday Dinners

Gelson’s helps you make the most of any holiday. Our holiday dinners may be ordered in advance so that you can get ready for a relaxing gourmet feast with your favorite people. All holiday dinner orders will be refrigerated at the time of pick up and will require reheating. To view available holiday dinners, click below. 

Order Holiday Dinners

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