Stellar Salads from Gelson's

It’s a brand new year and the end of the holiday season, so whether you’re launching a resolution to eat more fresh veggies or you’re simply craving them, it’s a fantastic time to add a few new salad recipes to your repertoire. Here are our picks for the best and brightest salads, from light and fruity to savory and protein packed and everything in between.

The best part: Like lots of people out there, we often think that salads exist so that we can eat more dressing. You’ll find we put a lot of love into our vinaigrettes, and most of them shake up to more than you’ll need for the recipe at hand, so you’ll have plenty leftover to use on other stuff, like the salads you invent.

P.S. Too exhausted from all the holiday cooking to make a salad? Gelson's Kitchen is here to help! Try Jessica’s Heirloom Tomato Chicken Salad and Super Antioxidant Chopped Salad.