Awesome Ways to Eat Avocado

When it comes to seasons, some people like the sunshine of summer, while others like the leaves of fall, the gray moodiness of winter, or the bright, grassy green of spring — but what is any of that to us? We only have eyes for one season: avocado.

Avocado season is especially awesome at Gelson’s because we carry California avocados. They’re grown right here in SoCal, and they’re handpicked, so they can stay on the tree longer, and they don’t get bruised in the harvesting process. That means we can bring them in extra large, so they have a lot of creamy flesh on them — so much more for you to cook with and enjoy!

This collection makes the most of that abundance with something scrumptious for every meal of the day, from your morning smoothie to the avocado cream for your evening enchiladas, and everything in between, including snacks!

Our tip: We stack our avocados according to ripeness. If you want to eat your avocado right away, grab one with a “ripe sticker.” If you’re shopping for the week, grab a couple from the middle and the bottom of the stack too.