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Healthy & Refreshing Springtime Recipes at Gelson’s Market 

Healthy Spring Recipes to try from Gelson's Market

At the beginning of every year, many of us resolve to make smarter food choices to benefit our health. But come spring, it can sometimes be a challenge to continue following through on the commitment to eating well. You might find that you’re tired of the same-old recipes, or are finding it more difficult to come up with new ways to incorporate healthy meals into your lifestyle. Or, maybe you’ve decided that spring will be the season that you revamp your diet and finally stick to a cleaner way of eating for good.

Whatever the case, we’re here to make it easier than ever to eat right this spring. We’ve put together a diverse collection of our favorite springtime recipes, plus several tips for eating healthy that will help you create meals that are light, fresh, and wonderfully flavorful.

Springtime Recipes for a Healthier, Happier You

Here are just a few of our favorite recipes for spring that will leave you feeling both satisfied and delightfully refreshed:

Apples with Fruity Yogurt Dip

Satisfy your sweet tooth craving with this tasty but healthy snack.

Asparagus and Chicken Stir Fry

Enjoy a generous helping of veggies with a kick of stir fry flavor.

Black Bean Soft Tacos

This vegetarian take on Taco Tuesday swaps out the usual ground beef for filling beans and veggies.

Carrot Soup with Toasted Pepitas

Despite having all the creamy goodness of a comfort food classic, this soup is surprisingly low-fat.

Cholesterol Crushing Trail Mix

The protein and healthy fats in this filling trail mix will fuel you to achieve all your fitness goals.

Grilled Tofu with Grapefruit and Avocado Salsa

The bright flavors of citrus and avocado make this meatless meal anything but boring.

Heart-Healthy Black Cod

Lean protein, a rainbow of vegetables, and plenty of flavors that make this recipe a must-try.

Zucchini Noodles with Shrimp

Thanks to the rich flavor of pesto, you won’t even miss traditional pasta.

Welcome Spring with Healthier Eating Habits

Refreshing your list of go-to recipes isn’t the only way to enjoy a healthier springtime; you can also make a few simple swaps to lighten up your everyday favorites.

Here are just a handful of easy ingredient switch-ups that can significantly upgrade your daily diet:

  • Instead of bread crumbs, try using almond flour, rolled oats, or crushed bran cereal for a lighter version of breaded fish or chicken.

  • Rather than sautéing your veggies in canola oil, choose avocado oil for an equally neutral flavor but higher-quality fat.

  • When shopping for canned soups, vegetables, and other packaged goods, look for low-sodium versions to cut your salt intake considerably.

  • If you’re stocking up on ground beef, select grass-fed or organic options whenever possible. Or, go light with ground turkey and ground chicken instead.

  • Rather than relying on high-sodium seasoning salts, add flavor without all the salt with dried herb-only blends or fresh chopped herbs.

  • Instead of topping your baked potato with sour cream, try unflavored Greek fat-free yogurt for a surprisingly similar flavor without all the fat.

Shop for Fresh, Healthy Springtime Staples at Gelson’s Supermarkets

If you’re hoping to make this spring your healthiest one yet, you’ll need a variety of high-quality ingredients at the ready. At Gelson’s Supermarkets, we make it easy to find all your healthy eating necessities in one convenient place. From farm-fresh produce and premium meats and seafood to the very best in pantry basics and more, you can shop an exceptional selection at your neighborhood Gelson’s.

Stop by your local Gelson’s and stock up on all your fresh springtime must-haves today.