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About Gelson's Valley Village/NoHo Location

Edgar Barrientos

Edgar Barrientos Store Director

Valley Village/NoHo area residents looking to find a premium grocery store like no other can visit Gelson’s. Not only do we have a fine selection of natural and kosher foods, but we also offer our customers so much more. You can enjoy our indoor and outdoor dining area, visit the Wolfgang Puck Express, and enjoy a coffee from Viktor Benes Bakery and Coffee Bar before you even begin shopping. We encourage our shoppers to browse through our store and to take advantage of all that a premium grocery store can offer, including our olive cart, salad bar, and full-service deli. Customers on the go can enjoy our carry-out service, free gift wrapping, and ready-made gift baskets for all your entertaining needs.

Gelson's Kitchen (818) 760-666

Bakery (818) 760-2897

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